Faith Like A Child

Last night Lainee accepted Jesus into her heart.  This big event began with a question:  “Mama, will I be going to heaven?”  We talked, I explained, and she asked if she’d die right away once she asked Jesus into her heart and immediately go to heaven. 


Several months ago a good friend of our family, Elizabeth Crossan, died of a brain tumor.  She was only 27 years old and had a husband and two small children.  Her life and death really impacted Lainee and as one might imagine,  created many questions for my innocent little girl.  She began to wonder about heaven and how you got there.  She didn’t understand why a mommy would go to heaven.  She thought maybe I’d go too and leave her.  There were many questions and she still asks about “Miss Elizabeth who went to heaven”.    This experience transferred over to salvation questions for herself and resulted in ‘I’m not ready to go to heaven; I don’t want Jesus in my heart yet’.  Clearly she didn’t understand and that was just fine… she was only three years old.

Last night at dinner, at 4 years old now, she asked about death; when do we die? does everyone go to heaven? where do people go if not heaven?  After satisfied with the answers given, and on her own accord, she asked to have Jesus live in her heart.  We prayed together and at the end I exclaimed “Lainee, I’m so proud of you!  Jesus now lives in your heart!”  She replied, “Wow, He got there really fast!”


4 thoughts on “Faith Like A Child

  1. Wow, praise God. I’ll be praying for Lainee and that she would keep the questions coming. (Knowing her, I’m sure they will! 🙂
    Just imagine, she will never remember living without Jesus. That’s how I have lived my life. It comes with huge blessings but also with pretty major hurdles. But I know that you & Brett will be a vital part in “growing” her into a mature, thriving, Jesus-loving believer.
    We’re so blessed that our kids see Jesus in their every day lives.

  2. Oh Lori…I think your daughter is just a joy and how wonderful that she “knows” Jesus now. My prayer for my two year old, Jacob, is that he too will seek and love Jesus at a young age also.
    We are so blessed to have children (here on Earth and in Heaven)and with a Father who loves us so much that He knows what is best for all of us, like Lainee asking Jesus into her heart and Lainee having a Mommie like you!
    Congratulations and my prayers are with all of you.
    PS My anxiety meter is high now too since I am sleep deprived, I hope all that made sense.

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