Lowering Expectations

Last night at MOPS we had a speaker talk about lowering our expectations.  It’s antithetical to me but at the same time makes some sense.  If I lower my expectations of things that stress me out, then I will not be stressed out (as much).  The example she gave was based on “preparing dinner” as a stressor.  Her expectation was that she should have dinner ready every night by 5:30, it should be pleasing to her husband, it should include a veggie, a protein and a starch– completely nutritious and she should do it with a smile on her face.  She said by simply re-framing the expectation (b/c you can’t change the fact that the family needs to eat) that the stress could be greatly reduced.  Instead of all the above criteria, she should just try to have “a meal”…. that’s it.  It may or may not be ready by 5 :30 and it may not include veggies but “It’s Good Enough”– her catch phrase.

My stressor that is topping all others is the decision to have more kids.  Her suggestion is to re-frame it with less expections.  Now I just need to truely feel my re-framing (which is… I’m content with two kids, if I have more then it’s a bonus).  I’ll work on that:)


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