Leashing My Kids

Okay- So when I was childless I remember seeing kids “harnessed” by their parents.  I remember saying things like “Are they animals?  What kind of kids, or for that matter parents, are these that they would be leashed like a dog?”… these statements now make me laugh b/c, as a parent of 4 years, I can TOTALLY RELATE to the leashed kid! 

Today, we went to the pharmacy for some medication and of course the line at the counter is right by all the toys and all the candy… my worst nightmare and my children’s greatest dream.  I thought I was about to lose it when I heard the clerk say it would be a one hour wait!  Yikes, well I decided to leave but first I needed some hand sanitizer and cough medicine.  Quickly I grab the items and head to the register.  Not only does the sale price for the cough medicine ring up wrong but when I turn around to check out what my kids are doing, Lainee is halfway down the stationary aisle! I tell her to come over and at that Noelle takes off.  Lainee decides to “help” me by corralling her sister; Noelle thinks it’s a game of chase and sprints as fast as her two year old legs can move and screams with excitement.  I mention to the lady behind me that I’d like a leash for my kids and simultaneously I am shocked by the words that so easily spilled from my mouth.  I could go on about what happened after that, chasing, grabbing, screaming, and finally paying for the products but I can’t seem to get past the ‘leash’ statement.


4 thoughts on “Leashing My Kids

  1. Ha! Yea, I actually used a leash with Eli when he was a toddler and Eden was a baby. Of course he figured out how to un-velcro the hand-cuff and so alas the leash was useless.

  2. Haha… I wouldn’t blink an eye if I saw someone use a kiddie leash (it seems less ominous if you call it a “safety harness”!! haha) now that I have two kids who like to run in seperate directions! 🙂 The post office is the worst for us!!

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