Leaky Faucet Syndrome

My bathroom tub has had a leaky, drippy, irritatingly rhythmic drip for a few months now.  Every morning when I enter the bathroom and see the shower curtain pulled back I quickly fling the curtain closed.  Why you may ask… to hide the annoying drip.  It’s amazing how closing the curtain can mask the sound of the drip.  It’s not completely gone but it is muffled enough that I don’t think about it when I return to use the facilities. 

Our leaky, drippy, irritatingly rhythmic dripping faucet is such a picture of our lives isn’t it?  I’m not talking specifics right now but just stop and think how often you, me, anyone, closes the shower curtain to a stressor or problem.  Amazingly we shrug it off instead of dealing with the problem.    Right now, I’m ignoring the fact that I’ve had some minor physical health problems for months… I’ve got so much going on that I just close the curtain and hope they’ll go away. 

As a mother it’s just easier to take care of everyone else first rather than focus on myself.

Man– my next entry is going to be way less serious! dare-to-repair.jpg


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