Special Treats

Each morning my oldest daughter Lainee wakes with two questions:  Where are we going today?  and, Can I have a special treat?  I’m sure the Halloween candy fest hasn’t helped this habit but the questions existed well before the mountain of candy arrived. 

I can understand the first inquiry because I am an admitted “out and abouter”…. I hate to be home and I suppose my daughter has inherited this need to be busy. But the mystery here is her need for special treats.  I know she didn’t get that from me or from my husband.  We like dessert, who doesn’t, but Lainee almost requires the knowledge of when, where, and what kind of special treat she will be enjoying each and every day.  It’s the first thing she thinks about…. so my question is “What is the first thing you think about each day?”.    And,  as she should probably have a different focus for herself,  here’s another: “What do you wish was the first thing you thought about each day?”


3 thoughts on “Special Treats

  1. Hmmm, good question. I usually consider how many times I can hit the snooze button before being in traffic jeopardy on my way to Philly. 🙂 What I wish I thought about: meditating on some scripture. I’m working on being more consistent w/ that.

    Cool blog, and great to read about Lainee asking Jesus into her heart. Awesome!

  2. Zach- I think it would cool if you came into work as “twins”! Brett would obviously be the older twin…but just by a few minutes.

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