God-Sized Tasks

Definition:  God-Sized Task-  An invitation for God to work through you in order to accomplish His work.  This task could not, in any way, be accomplished by you with out His intervention.

As a believer I know that God is working all around me. He is in everything I see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.  He is also asking me to join Him in the work at hand and I’d imagine that God has a whole lot of work considering the state of the world. 

The choices people make probably have him beating His heavenly head against something very hard.  We are to “go and sin no more” but continually have a lapse in judgement.  It’s not only this repair work He has on His plate but also the work of the impossible.

Now here’s where I get to the God-sized task…  Can you think of a time when you felt convicted to help in some organization or event and you declined because the task was impossible.  I know I have.  But I have been recently convicted that these may have been opportunities for God to work through me to show his majesty.   That by the completion of of the task,  people would have stopped and thought “Wow,  how did she do that?” and I could have said “God had his hand on me the whole time”.  What a witness!  What opportunities I have missed! 

I’ve also been convicted that God is always wanting us to join Him in his work.  Taking the time to listen is the part that takes some discipline.  So, here I am, wondering what God-sized task is being brought to me.  I don’t feel any conviction yet– except that I should be listening and waiting to join Him at the request.

Do you have a God-sized task you’re immersed in now or maybe feel convicted to participate in?


4 thoughts on “God-Sized Tasks

  1. weird… we were just talking about this very thing at Life Group last night!
    Noah, the famous “ark builder” was our inspiration. Seriously a crazy, impossible, ridiculous task… but God told him to do it and he did without questions (at least none mentioned in the Bible).
    I’m waiting to hear what God’s request is of me too.

  2. Libby- It is weird how your LG was talking about this! Noah is such a great example too. I wish I would have used him as an illustration in my post. Thanks for your thoughts and comments;)

  3. Hey Lori – this brings leading worship to my mind. When I was asked to lead worship, I didn’t think I was “talented” enough. But leading worship is one of the most significant things God has used in my life, to shape and chisel me.

    I definitely thought it was a God-sized task and I almost said “No, not me!” But I’m glad I didn’t. I was so shy in high school, I never thought I’d be in front of people like that.

    See you tomorrow!!!

  4. Terry- That’s funny that you thought worship wasn’t one of your gifts. You’re definitely a great leader and I can see your passion when you’re up there! I’m glad you obeyed and waited for God to use you… b/c He certainy has!

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