Wondering What’s Real


God calls us to tell the truth.  He calls us to love our brothers.  He calls us to the light and I believe I have followed His callings.  Even so, it doesn’t make understanding all of his callings crystal clear.  For example, what am I supposed to do when a friend, who is also called to these standards, has revealed that she and I have never really seen eye to eye on most matters?  This revelation occurred almost casually through an email and I’ve not been able to address it personally with her as of yet. 

Since this is news to me I am shocked and disturbed by her statement.   Was the last few years of sharing a friendship  just a fake?  I certainly never got the vibe that we weren’t on the same page.  I sit in shock.  Waiting for it to go away and wondering why it bothers me so much; my answer: I feel betrayed and lied to… but now I must go to the Word, adjust my thoughts and emotions and obey… It’s not easy. 


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