TV- Can’t Stop Watching It

My husband thinks I watch too much tv.  I assure him that I only watch TV once the kids are in bed and even then there are probably only 3 shows that I really enjoy.  The first is Grey’s Anatomy; the second is Heroes; and the third is America’s Next Top Model.  Of those three show I can give up ANTM but I’m too invested in the others for a cold turkey ‘goodbye’.  I’m sure most of us have a show(s) like this.  My thinking is that the plots (of my picks) are so out of the possibility of my reality that it takes my mind away to a place of complete entertainment.  Put simply, I can escape for about 60 minutes with limited commericial interruption.

Brett thinks that my mind would be better entertained by reading a book or studying the Word of God.  He also reminds me that once I start watching “my shows” that I continue on to watch the next show (which is usually CSI) even though it is just passing the time for me and not a “must see TV” experience.  

I make a disclaimer that most days I do read and study the bible during my children’s nap time– b/c it’s the only time when I have any kind of registerable stamina.   At night I barely have energy to stand and sometimes the best I can do is keep my eyes open .  This may be my excuse to not give up my shows but it’s my story and I’m sticking to it:)


2 thoughts on “TV- Can’t Stop Watching It

  1. Amber- You’re a reality TV girl aren’t you? I saw all the hub about the bachelor season finale. How did that settle with you… him not picking either girl?

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