Sweet Noelle


        Sweet Noelle

November has brought the season of cold and flu right to my door step.  We’ve been to the doctors no less than three times this month and are currently monitoring Noelle’s health over the phone for the next two days.  With her immuno-depression in charge, she has little defense against colds.  I unfortunately have “let down” the only defense she has had and that was ME.  I became too casual about her exposure to runny noses.  

After yesterday’s doctor appointment she is now on breathing treatments every four hours– through the night too– and we are monitoring her improvements and reporting over the phone to the doctor.  Her temperature spiked to 102.9 today and through it all she smiles happily and wants to play.  To look at my sweet Noelle, you wouldn’t really know she didn’t feel well.  In fact, she may actually feel fine, but she’s having a hard time breathing and I can’t imagine that feels great.  The fever would make me feel achy and sleepy and probably grouchy but my sweet babe smiles and laughs.  She brings me books and wants to sit on my lap.  She sits patiently as the 30 minute breathing treatment passes by slowly and occasionally signs “all done”.  When I tell her “not yet”, she says “okay” and holds the mask up to her face.  She is so obedient.  She is so patient.  She is so sweet. 

We’re adding a steroid to her treatments today.  Hopefully this will strengthen her lungs.  If she doesn’t improve her breathing by tomorrow we’ll go for an x-ray.  It’s all so reminiscent of Lainee’s pneumonia last year (that landed her in AI for three days) but the one major difference is that Noelle is HAPPY.  She’s acting fairly normal but just not as much energy … so praise God for that and hopefully the steroid will pump her up to breathing better.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Noelle

  1. Thanks Amber,
    We just got back from the doc and an xray. She has bronchitis and so we’ve got an antibiotic. This makes it her second antibiotic in less than 30 days. Thankfully, the steroid they added has helped her asthma! We just want this cough to go away now– she vomited twice this morning from persistent coughing.

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