Shopping with Shannon

This weekend I went Christmas shopping with Shannon.  It was a blast.  The crowds, long check out lines, even the bumper to bumper shopping carts didn’t bother me at all.  Why?  Because I had the freedom to take as long as I wanted….  Brett had the girls at home.  Actually, the girls are sick with the flu (Lainee) and bronchitis (Noelle) so I am guessing they had him at their beck and call.


Shannon and I spent hours shopping, chatting, and catching a bite to eat.  Even though we munched on Arby’s I pretended we were really out to something a bit more “up scale”.  We relaxed in our “booth” and discussed all things important [to us] for what seemed like 45 minutes (which in Mom Time is about 5 hours since usually we’re trying to find 5 minutes to eat in peace).   It was amazing to eat what I ordered and not have to share it with a minor.  I didn’t cut anything up, wipe someones face, take someone to the potty, or even quiet an excited outburst.

But in the end, the trip really was all about the kids.  I shopped mostly for my children’s Christmas morning surprises!  On a side note, I think I’ve convinced Brett to go with only 3 presents per child (each one representing a gift given to the Baby Jesus).  So, with that said, I didn’t have too much to buy.  My big goal was to find a guitar for Lainee. 

Our last stop was Toys R Us.  We looked around and found some insanely high priced guitars.  I can’t imagine someone spending 100.00 plus on a guitar for a 4 year old.  When I mentioned this to Shannon she thought maybe we were in the minority of shoppers and that probably there are many people who’d spend that in the “spirit of Christmas”.  Anyway, the guitar has a head set, microphone and speaker.  Lainee will be rocking!

Things to come:  To believe or not believe (in Santa)


2 thoughts on “Shopping with Shannon

  1. I think that’s great that you are only doing a few gifts per child. so many people go completely insane at christmas!!
    I’m very interested in your next post though, so bring it on. I hear all kinds of conversations floating around at work and I’ve just kept my mouth shut, because I don’t have kids yet. anyway…just want to hear what your thoughts are 🙂

  2. Uh oh- Maybe you should post your thoughts first:)
    Brett and I have debated Santa for 4 years now. We’ve got to decide clearly at this point. Yikes

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