To Believe or Not to Believe (in Santa): Part One

jesus.jpg   santa.jpg     Motherhood is filled with countless decisions on how to raise your own children.  It’s difficult and takes more than a modicum of intelligence to do it right.   In fact, Good Morning America released an approximate earned salary should mothers actually be paid: $123,000.00 a year!  In my mind, a six-figure salary translates to a job that actually requires a bit of skill!  And so it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say it’s hard to know the best parenting decisions.  There is no earthly Great Council I can call and ask what the procedure is for XYZ… Do we include Santa in our Christmas? 

Brett and I are at “crunch time” in making our current decision.  In fact, Brett might already think the decision has been made from last year but I seem to recall some unresolved issues.  The item on the table is Santa- he wants the full fantasy and I feel Jesus should be the reality of Christmas.

How do we include or exclude Santa from our family?  Some options I’ve seen or heard about include:

1.      Playing the fantasy out… Santa is really going to come down your chimney and give toys to good little boys and girl… and by the way, Jesus was born. 

2.    Telling your kids that Santa is really based on Saint Nicholas and providing them              with the truth about St. Nick; additionally his alter ego Santa is just a pretense for the enjoyment of small children and their parents.

3.    Not to mention Santa at all and focus only on the ‘reason for the season’—Jesus Christ. 

4.     Pretending in Santa (for fun) but knowing he isn’t the gift giver but our gifts are in celebration for our Savior. 

To be concluded…. What will we pick?  What I’d like to make our Christmas tradition.  How will we compromise?          



8 thoughts on “To Believe or Not to Believe (in Santa): Part One

  1. Aww man, I thought you were going to tell us your decision!! I’m not completely sure where I stand on it. I think my parents did a combo of 1 & 4 until I was probably 6. and then it changed to just 4. Of course I had an older brother who always figured everything out and probably would have ruined my parents fun if they did try to convince me santa was real for too long.

    I think I may have mentioned this before, but…The other thing my family always did was read Luke 2 (out loud) together as a family before we opened any Christmas gifts. As we were old enough, we actually memorized it and, to this day, recite it together!

  2. I really like the idea of reciting Luke 2. Thanks for sharing.
    Don’t worry about knowing our choice… that’s why the post is to be continued:)
    BTW, you need to put your picture up so when the comments are posted, your pretty little face is right next to it.

  3. I don’t know how to do that picture thingy! i think I may have to use a wordpress account. I do have one since I have debated back and forth on whether wordpress or blogger is better.

  4. hey lori! i didn’t know you had a blog. just found the link on terry’s. i’ll be checking it out, now. sounds like raising kids is filled with really easy decisions. (note sarcasm)

  5. Hey Lori –

    As you know, we’ve wrestled with this a bit too. Now we’re trying to teach our kids not to tell other little believing kids that Santa is not real.

    One thing I think is interesting, even though we have told them Santa isn’t real they still are not convinced. They’re confused when they see him and hear about him. So even if you just do the pretending thing (which I think is a good way to approach Santa), they are still a little confused at times.

    I grew up believing in Santa, and it was fun. I think that’s part of the struggle.

    I like Amber’s idea on reading Luke.

    Amber – wordpress has a funtion where you can import all your old posts from blogspot. That’s what I did awhile back.


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