Countering Lies

I’m currently reading Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  So far I’m only 60 pages into it.   I don’t have a definite feel to give it a thumbs up or down but I really like a series of “Truths” she has listed on page 59.  These truths are supposed to be the counter of specific lies that women believe.  She offers that women (overtly and subconsciously) believe lies that result in behaviors that may lead us into bondage.  In other words… we get stuck because we’re supporting an incorrect idea.  book.jpg

Here are some of the truths she offers that really speak to me:

  • “Life is hard.
  • God is more concerned about glorifying Himself and changing me than about solving all my problems.
  • God has an eternal purpose He is fulfilling in the midst of my problems.
  • God wants to use my problems as part of His sanctifying process in my life.
  • No matter what problem I am facing, God’s grace is sufficient for me.”   (DeMoss, pg 59)

In case you’re wondering, the “lie” here is:  God should fix my problems.  She says that  Christian women fall into this lie (and others) because they think that being a Christian in itself will some how fix our problems and make life easier.

God never said that if we believed in Him, everything would be roses.


4 thoughts on “Countering Lies

  1. Hey Lori, I read that book last year. Your post makes me want to peruse it again. I thought she had some insightful things to say that I hadn’t thought about before. I got to the chapter on family planning and found myself, to my surprise, kindof agreeing with her interpretations on most points. Didn’t see that one coming! Haha. Elizabeth and I used to have fun debates about that issue.

    I enjoy reading your blog!

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