To Believe or Not to Believe– in Santa. Part 2

Well- I know it has been some time since I’ve posted anything and at that I feel like I have a host of things to now share.  Hopefully, some of my insights will be worthwhile:)

If you recall, I posed the question that so many of Christians face when teaching their kids about Christmas— Do we incorporate Santa? And if so, how?  I can tell you  how our experience went this year…

Brett and I began with the notion that our children will only have three presents each.  Gifts will be symbols of the gifts that Jesus received and our children will be fully aware that they have nothing to do with being naughty or nice.  This worked out very well.  Lainee understood this at Christmas morning as we talked about Jesus and His gift of eternal life.  We allowed the girls to take turns opening gifts and then concluded by reading from the bible (Luke 2).  It was a great start to our tradition.  However…

Santa is just a Christmas fixture that cannot be removed from our daughter’s conception of the holiday.  I asked her what she knew about Santa and she responded with all the usual descriptors : jolly, chubby, giver of presents, travels by chimney and a sleigh drawn by reindeer.  I then countered with “Is he real?”.   And her answer was “Of course”.

I have never told her he is real. Brett has played the fantasy out but never stated he is real either.  Lainee loves that he is real.  She almost has to believe.  It’s part of who she is–extremely imaginative.  Many days Lainee pretends she is another person, character or animal and including Santa into her world just makes it all the more fun. 

So, we’ve decided that lying is not an option but we can’t force her to NOT believe if she desperately wants to do so.  At this point every Santa she sees (mall Santas etc.) is the real deal.  I love the innocence and acceptance of her sweet little being.  Someday, sooner than later, she will realize that it is all a facade but hopefully she won’t be too disappointed.  If we, Brett and I, do our job right then there should be just as much excitement for Jesus- after all, there wouldn’t even be an opportunity for Santa to share in Christmas fun if it weren’t for Jesus Christ.


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