Voting Decisions- The Presidential Candidates

For months now the presidential candidates have been debating, slinging, campaigning, “borrowing” ideas from their colleagues, and for the most part– trying to convince voters that they should be the guy, or girl, for the highest job in the country.  Brett and I have been paying attention but haven’t been fully engaged in our search for the best candidate until now.  It’s almost impossible to not be thinking of who to vote for with many of our friends and family debating, slinging, campaigning, and for the most part– trying to convince US who to vote or not vote for in November.

There are some strong democratic voices that resound with anger and a genuine hate for anything republican.  At the same time we’ve experienced other voices who roll their eyes at the mere mention of Obama, Hillary, and Edwards.  I’m not sure that either approach at having a conversation is the best at trying to convince us of their personal preference.  In fact, I’d say it only makes us want to defend “the other guy”.  Even Hillary, who I can  say I am not interested in at all, gets my support when people start in on the Nutcracker comments.  Seriously?  If she were a man and with the same attitude, words, policies etc., NO ONE would be judging her in that manner.  Are men that insecure?

Obama and Edwards have some great ideas and though I haven’t researched every single policy, I like what I’ve read and heard.  Unfortunately, they are pro-choice and I cannot seem to wrap my brain around supporting a person who believes in any form of abortion.

This leads me to investigate the GOP.  As a registered republican I find many of my friends assuming that this is the only way to vote.  Stick with the party!  Again, I ask- seriously?  Is that how we should vote– just with the party we’ve decided most resembles our own ideals?  What about voting for the person who best fits for this presidential season?  I voted for Bush with the former mentality and look at our country. 

So, I’m at the point where I need to find the best person for the job.  Looking at the republicans I find myself interested in Huckabee, though admittedly I haven’t researched McCain at all (yet).  Huckabee’s radical tax plan is a bit difficult for me to imagine the real life implications of no income tax replaced with salary-based consumable taxes.  I’m not sure with the state of the war that our country can handle a season of working out the tax chinks he’s proposing.

I feel like I’m searching for someone to like.  But do I have to agree with absolutely every policy?  No, and I don’t view life (pro-choice, pro-life) as a policy– it’s a non-negotiable. Does this make me the girl who votes for someone other than the person I think can do the best job because he’s pro-life.  That’s how I voted before and it didn’t turn out so well. 

I’ll keep researching…       How do you research and decide who to pick while everyone is campaigning around you?


4 thoughts on “Voting Decisions- The Presidential Candidates

  1. I have to say, right now, I am fairly uneducated on the candidates and while I do not intent to stay that way, I have enjoyed sharing that comment and waiting for friends to respond and inform me – my latest learnings have been very interesting…

    A dear friend of mine, who is very insightful, asked “why do we call Hillary by her first name and every one else running by their surname?” Very interesting: is it that she is a woman that we are on a first name basis? Is she less respected: as I always remember my parents would demand we call our elders Mr and Mrs (insert last name here) or is it just that “Clinton” is too easily confused with her husband? Then, did the general public start this? Or is it part of her campaign strategy?

    Then, another friend answered my ignorance with grave concern as a Christian, struggling to be tolerant but really wrestling with the idea on having a President of another religion – given the allegations that Obama is Muslim. This person added that our country, and democracy in general, is a Judeo-Christian ideal – as if we have all sinned and fallen short, are all equal in God’s eyes, and answer to one authority which everyone is under and everyone upholds. Loosing Christianity (or at least a resemblance of it) in office may change things.

    After this discussion I heard a great sermon on the 10 commandments making same connection: Moses having received the commandments from God and giving them to his people could have added #11 “and follow Moses” – but he didn’t – Moses was not above the law, just as our Commander and Chief is not (in theory) above the law – but that is why the 10 commandment were so revolutionary then, and why democracy is so revolutionary now. Though I do not support Bush in general, I do admire that his reference to God (pointed out in this sermon I heard) is usually “the Almighty” recognizing, while being the most powerful person in the free world, that God is in fact more powerful.

  2. lori- way to think these things through. i think the blog is a great way to dialogue about these issues. just wanted to make one clarification about barack- he’s a christian. his father has a muslim name, but wasn’t muslim himself. barack became a christian quite some time ago. i think the whole “muslim” thing is an attempt to smear him; although, i have to say that i have no reservations about voting for a candidate who is not a christian. i look for moral integrity in a candidate, not religion. my moral compass stems from my christian faith, but i’m also aware that many faiths share similar values. and besides, i wouldn’t want people to not vote for me solely because i am a christian; so i believe i should treat others the way i would want to be treated. (that whole crazy jesus concept). thanks for letting me share.

  3. Ben- Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate your thoughts and comments! It’s such a big decision … who to vote for. I am definitely trying to make an informed decision. I’ve even tried one of those “select a candidate” matching sites.

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