My MOPS Girls

I’ve been in dozens of bible studies.  They’ve all been beneficial but some more than others.  Some I’ve trudged through only to find the gem in it all at the very end.  Others I almost count down the days until we can meet, grow, learn, and laugh once more.

Last night we had our MOPS bible study.  Our first meeting of the year gathered under the pretense to share and socialize.   We had a great time and I continually am amazed at how God provides me with a loving social network of girlfriends.

We went around the room and shared our blessings and struggles.  Most of us had some form of a prayer request or struggle.  I think many felt a sense of freedom or counsel that they gained from our meeting.  It was extremely productive.

After sharing, I feel a huge sense of freedom– I shared my ‘confession’ posted just a few days ago.  I know just having a place to feel unconditionally loved by people who really don’t have to love you is an amazing thing.  This is my blessing and God has given me so many others. 

Do you have an outlet where you find freedom?    Is there a place where God has blessed you and you’ve not noticed it until recently?


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