Why Call Her Hillary? And What’s With the Crying Last Week?

After my recent post on the presidential race, my friend Lauren made some great comments.  One of which is “Why do we call Hillary by her first name?”  She expanded with some thoughts:


A dear friend of mine, who is very insightful, asked “why do we call Hillary by her  first  name and every one else running by their surname?” Very interesting: is it that she is a woman that we are on a first name basis? Is she less respected: as I always remember my parents would demand we call our elders Mr and Mrs (insert last name here) or is it just that “Clinton” is too easily confused with her husband? Then, did the general public start this? Or is it part of her campaign strategy?

What are your thoughts on on this?  And do you have any opinions on her whole crying bit last week?  Staged or spontaneous?  What does it mean for the presidential office when women  are inclined to insert emotion under extreme fatigue and stress? Could it be good or bad? 


3 thoughts on “Why Call Her Hillary? And What’s With the Crying Last Week?

  1. First I’d like to point out that Hillary is a bit like Prince. Hillary Clinton, Hillary Rodham, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Just “Hillary.” Yes, I am waiting for a symbol to appear soon.

    Secondly, I think this was an early state strategy focusing on the states where folksy-ness matters and being on a first-name basis with a candidate is important. And strangely the media went along with it although they appear to be backing off now and she is returning to Clinton.

    It’s probably also a play to the general election where the “Clinton” brand is a highly polarizing one; however, having Bill on the campaign trail people are unlikely to forget that she is, yes, a Clinton.

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