Hollywood in Politics

It’s amazing how many Hollywood stars are coming out of the wood work to support and campaign for their presidential pick.  Their fame has such a positive effect in the polls or we wouldn’t see famous faces right along side the candidates.  Obama has Oprah, Huckabee has Nick Nolte, Hillary has Roseanne (or at least her blog), who knows who Clooney supports for this election but I’m sure he and DiCaprio will be making a plug for someone if they haven’t already.

My question is why does Hollywood influence us so much?  The inquiry is more rhetorical than anything else.  Hollywood actors prance in front of the big screen and entertain.  Some do it better than others but they all go to work to pretend to be something other than who they really are.  So, why in fact are we putting so much stock in their appearance beside a candidate?  We know little about the rich and famous and certainly not enough to put stock in who’d they vote for.  Why not have respected members of society like professors, businessmen, Nobel winners, Union leaders, etc. who clearly exhibit intelligence? Perhaps it’s because no one knows them either except those who congregate in that circle.  The best we get is which union (teachers, culinary, etc.) have decided to back a candidate.  Unless you’re paying attention at the exact right moment this information can slip right past you.

I guess my concern is for the people who don’t research candidates and look to see only what Entertainment Tonight shows– Hollywood smiling in the background of a speech made by (insert name here).


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