Teen Romeo and Juliet Get Rewarded for Running Away!

Call me kooky but I just don’t get some parents and their style of discipline!  If you haven’t heard about the much publicized modern day Romeo and Juliet and their escapade I’ll give you a briefing.


The teens, ages 13 and 15, were denied a dating relationship by the 13 year old’s mother.  The teens were so “in love” and determined to be together that they ran away.  They were found 9 days later in Louisiana.  They lived in their car and stated, on GMA, that they had no fun what so ever during their time of freedom.  I refer to it as a time of freedom because even though they claim they had no fun, the ‘barely teen’ girl said she felt a sense of freedom that made it all worth it.  In that statement alone there are questions of rebuttal but GMA made no further inquiries.  The boy, a bit older and wiser, said he was glad to get caught.  He said he knew it would happen sooner or later so it might have just as well happened sooner.  They spent much of their time in Walmart…. doing what exactly I am not sure… again no inquires by GMA.

The one question that GMA did pose regarded the current status of the teens.  The response, given by the mother of the 13 yr. old girl, included that if her daughter got good grades and did what was expected of her then she would be allowed to date this young man!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???  What is this world coming to???? What a fantastic message to send to our youth:  “If you run away when you don’t get what you want, PRESTO, it will be granted”.  I think the whole “try, try again” motto has been misinterpreted by our teens.

I wish the mother had a blog so I could ask and maybe understand her methods.  I know she’s probably thinking “my daughter ran away and I don’t want her to do that again”… I’m not saying I have the answer for her problem but I can’t imagine this would bode well with behaviorists.


One thought on “Teen Romeo and Juliet Get Rewarded for Running Away!

  1. … however, I wonder what the mom really could have done to stop the “relationship”. If she goes to school with him and has any life whatsoever, they’ll date no matter what the mom says.
    I don’t know. In theory what the mom did as a result of her daughter running away seems SO wrong (although I don’t know the whole story) but in real life, bringing up teenagers, I’m sure it’s all trial and error. I’m just praying that I don’t make too many “errors” when my kids are that age.
    A friend told me once that she doesn’t judge the parenting of anyone who has children older than she does. In other words, if it’s not something she has already gone through with her kids, she doesn’t feel “qualified” to make judgement.
    I’m so quick to judge. I am trying to err on the side of being compassionate instead of harsh. It doesn’t come naturally though.

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