Life Lessons

Recent conversations on accountability and striving to be a better Christian have led me to contemplate the life lessons that God may be trying to communicate.  Wishing the booming voice of God came to me daily would be wonderful but since it doesn’t, I have formed my own opinions on how God speaks.   I believe those ways to be through a combination of scripture, life experiences, the church,  prayer, and by other people.  So what is God saying now?

1.  “No bible- No breakfast.”– Okay- that wasn’t actually spoken from the mouth of God but instead by Ray Comfort who gave a talk at our church last weekend.  This concept of reading the bible is always being presented to me through various forms of conviction and communication.  What’s different now? I’ve decided to be held accountable to reading my bible every day.  Once a week I will be meeting with my MOPS bible study and we’ll all check in on our accountability struggles.

2. Forgiveness– Loving the ones who are easy to love isn’t what God meant entirely when the inspired words “and the greatest of these is Love” were penned. This is what I am attempting to do: Love and forgive. 


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