The Vibrating Luggage

Part 2:

Now that we’re safely on board the ship and have finally been released from the crew’s dungeon of a holding place we move on upstairs toward our room.  At the 14th floor we stop and begin down the very very long hallway until we reach stateroom 322.  I notice a slight humming sound but dismiss it.  All I can think about now is getting out of the turtle neck and down vest I’m wearing to replace it with short sleeves and sun glasses (of course I’ll keep my pants on… their not necessary to change).

I pick up the luggage and the look of horror spreads rapidly across my face.   “Brett, our luggage is vibrating!” I exclaim in a rather hushed voice so as to not bring attention to this rather odd event.  He looks puzzled.  I assume the worst and say, “What did you do?”– I’ll let your minds wander here as to my intent in the query.

He maintains his innocence but all I can think about is the steward who brought our luggage to our room.  He must have assumed that we were one of ‘those’ couples… footloose and fancy free amongst other things.  I ask Brett once more about the contents of the suitcase.  Genuine shock and wonder have consumed us both. 

Quickly we enter the stateroom to satisfy my curiosity.  As I unzip the bag and notice almost immediately the culprit committing the vibrating I laugh out loud.  Brett comes closer but still remains puzzled.  Taking out the item I explain that it is a microderm abrasion tool used for regenerating facial skin (yes, I have fine lines and I’d like them to go away).  I bought it only two days prior and had forgotten to take the batteries out while traveling!  Buzz Buzz Buzz 

Coming soon:  The Steward Turns Down our Bed


One thought on “The Vibrating Luggage

  1. Would love to be in the break room of those room stewards… bet they tell a very different story!!! In their’s you may just be ‘one of those couples’!!
    Great story!

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