Heart Break

Lainee (our 4 year old) has always believed that she is going to marry her friend Owen.  They’ve even been known to talk about their wedding in detail… i.e. church or out door wedding, rings, and how many kids they’ll have.  It’s truly amazing how much of a “wedding” they understand at this ripe YOUNG age of 4.    Even in public people comment on how cute they are as the two youngsters walk hand in hand down the mall corridors (and Owen is usually pushing our stroller!).

Owen has recently been enrolled in preschool and now has other friends.  You see Lainee was his primary playmate and she put the stars in the sky (well, his sky anyway).  Sadly- for Lainee- his horizons have been broadened and so have his stars multiplied. 

The other day we were at his his house and he said he didn’t want to marry her anymore.  It must be human nature/instinct because Lainee pretended it didn’t bother her in any sense.  I even asked her how it made her feel and she commented unaffected. 

As we left Owen’s house I heard some sniffles coming from one of the girls.  When I realized Lainee had tears streaming down her face I inquired as to the cause.  She mentioned that Owen didn’t want to marry her anymore.  As I explained that  the betrothal was pretend she proceeded into an area of maturity I had not expected.

“I love him.  I will never love anyone like I love him.  I wasn’t pretending. I wasn’t pretending.  I’ll never find anyone like Owen.” 

Wow.  Her heart wasn’t the only one breaking now.  I tried to console her and nothing seemed to help.  What could I do?? I had to fix this some how.  I had to console her.

I called Owen’s house and spoke with his mother.  She asked Owen about the break-up.  He  got on the phone and told Lainee that he didn’t know who he was going to marry but he’d love her forever.  Wow— break my heart some more. How stinking cute is that?

Lainee was satisfied and two weeks later she found a replacement.  Colin.  He is in her Sunday school class and has apparently had a crush on her for some time.  She has kept him at arms length given her monogamous nature but now that she is a free agent she’s decided he’s a good choice. 


One thought on “Heart Break

  1. oh my gosh! Those two are just too much!! Hope they both (owen & lainee) know that all their “small group” aunts & uncles are cheering for them!!

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