Back Together Again?

Last night we had Owen over (along with everyone else from our bible study) and some how I think he and Lainee rekindled their love.  Apparently they played “wedding” and married.  I saw several kisses (on the mouth) and at one point they had climbed into MY bed.  One adult caught them in our bed and one of the kids said “Could you please close the door?  We’re trying to get some sleep.”  They were quickly separated.

When Owen left he asked if Lainee would wave at the window.  In her hand she should wave the heart balloon (we’ve had it since Valentine’s Day) as a sign of her love for him.  She did this and I smiled.

This morning, Owen’s mother called and told me how Owen was intently looking for the heart balloon.  When Shannon asked why, he explained that would be how he knew Lainee loved him.  Shannon explained she was waving the balloon… just look.  She then asked if he decided to marry Lainee after all.  His reply was “Mom, I don’t know who I’m going to marry.  Lainee doesn’t know either.  We’re not grown up yet.”


3 thoughts on “Back Together Again?

  1. Oh, the drama… !
    Lainee cracks me up. Wow, she really may have met her match though. I can’t imagine Eli EVER saying things like that. He’s all about math & science… his poor future wife. 😉

  2. Okay this note is for Lauren!! When are you going to start blogging so we can all keep up on you & Zak better? And are you going to be in Camp Hill over Easter? Because I will be too and we’d love to catch up with you guys!!

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