Living in Excess of Ease–A Suburbian Lifestyle

Our pastor is in the midst of a Jesus in Suburbia sermon series.  One particular point he made (amongst several very good points) was that we often live in excess of ease.  That our challenge is resisting this lifestyle while media and propaganda inundate us with accumulating more stuff.

Brett and I have been de-cluttering and looking at our budget.  We’ve sold one of our two cars due to the financial drain of repairing a 1999 Saab.  But now, two months of being a one car family, we are seriously looking at purchasing another vehicle (newer and less expensive to repair).  We both feel convicted of Pastor Rick’s message and would like to live appropriately and resist excess.

So, do we get the mini-van that has 50,000 miles on it that is cheaper, without warranty?  Or do we get the mini-van that has 13,000 miles on it that is more expensive but we coud keep longer AND has the warranty?  Other thoughts are more specific about the excess of ease with consideration on leather, automatic doors, sunroof, dvd package, etc. 

At this point we’ve decided that we don’t need any of the above.  We’d like stow and go seats and the sliding door windows to retract.  For those amenities we can give up the rest of the ‘ease’. 

With all this being said I still have moments when spending any amount of money that is in the category of thousands, makes my stomach churn.  Why are cars so expensive?  I really can’t stand money!


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