Life After a Tonsilectomy

“All the ice cream you could ever want.” 

This is the statement I had in the back of my head when I prepared to have my tonsils removed.  And if you’re wondering if that is true I am here to let you know that it is absolutely FALSE.  In fact, there was no ice cream at all for the first week.  Believe me,  I tried to get just a teensy spoonful down.  Knowing I couldn’t eat anything but ice chips and Ensure meal replacement, my husband still went out to get me Friendlys Ice Cream.  He even had the employee puree the ice cream into the creamiest milkshake ever…. It took me FOUR days to eat that thing!  All four days hurt but I wanted it and the ice chips weren’t making the grade!

Now I am 5 weeks past the surgery and it appears that I made the right decision.  Many of my friends who had the procedure done said that it would be hellacious for the first 10 days (at least) but after that it got better and in the end it would be the best thing they did (for their throat).  I’m starting to see that come to fruition and am grateful that I had a good surgeon and even better friends who counseled me through the fear and anticipation. 

And though my title says ‘life after a tonsilectomy’  and may imply after the recovery too I’m including life immediately after I woke up from anesthesia.   I’d like to say, for the record that the recovery was in fact hellacious.  Notable moments include: vomiting, not eating anything substantial for 10 days, not talking (at all) for a solid 8 days, not seeing my children for 10 days, not being able to move out of my bed for 5 days due to zero energy, scabs on the back of the throat, and not being able to lay on my back b/c I’d suffocate from the swollen uvula; oh did I mention rectal suppositories for the vomiting?  I could go on but I think there’s plenty for the reader here to say “Yuck- thanks for sharing!”.

So, I’m back on the blog and hope to be seeing your comments and blog entries.



6 thoughts on “Life After a Tonsilectomy

  1. I am going in for surgery on Monday August 11th. It is very scary, because I hear that it will hurt so much. I already stocked up on ice cream, yogurt and soup. You said I won’t even be able to swallow ice cream, now I am scared!!!! Thank you for your comments it gives me an idea of what to look forward to.

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  3. Hi Lori, My name is Shereese and I had my tonsils removed on Sept 4th. I had been battling sore throats and tonsilitis now all my life and I am 23. I had heard all the horror stories from friends whose children had had the surgery as well as themselves. I just figured I had to bite the bullet. So I had the surgery yesterday. And it wasn’t even that bad. Don’y get me wrong my throat hurts like I ate fire like those guys at the circus, but I seem to be doing well. The worse part about it for me was having to go under anesthia. I was so anxious and afraid about that they had to give me something to get rid of it. Of course it hurts to swallow. But as long as I’m not swallowing I’m super! I’ve been eating vanilla pudding, whipped yogurt is delicious, and drinking large amounts of apple juice and water. I have to pee every 15 minutes I tell you no lie. I haven’t tried ice cream yet but I’m sure looking forward to it. I will keep your story in the back of my mind while I head down the road to a hopeful speedy recover. Thanks alot. -Shereese-

  4. Hi! I’m Nancy. I had my tonsils out on Feb. 22. They told me I would feel like Hell for ten days. Boy, they weren’t kidding. I was so sick between not being able to drink, nausea/vomiting and dehydration. After making it 10 days I decided I was going to live. I was able to drink without choking. The doctor gave me chewable nausea pills. I think I would have rather the rectal. Now 3 weeks after surgery, I still have nausea and vomiting. Does anyone still have that problem?

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