Vacation Mishaps– and We Just Arrived Today!

Our journey started this morning, from DE, with hopes of a long but uneventful drive to the outer banks.  So far, it’s like something out of the  National Lampoon adventures (okay- maybe a bit tamer) .  I still can’t believe the events that have occurred in a little more than 12 hours.

Event #1:After about 30 minutes of driving I heard a boom boom and a (surprising- but probably appropriate) 4 letter word from my husband.  I noticed the bicycle that was strapped to the roof of the van was bouncing behind us along 95 S.  Thankfully the normally gridlocked interstate was minimally trafficked at the time.  None the less there were cars around us and the bike could have killed someone.  It eventually landed between the first and second lanes. 

We pulled over and called 911.  We exited  and turned the car around so we could investigate the possibility of retrieving the bike for obvious reasons.  Oh- did I mention as I spoke the 911 operator he informed me he already had taken a call and someone was on their way?  As we turned the car around to retrieve the bike we saw an emergency vehicle driving away with the bike in the truck bed.   THEY’RE FAST.

Event #2:  We went out to dinner after arriving in the OBX.  We came back to the house.  Unlocked the door.  I turned the key (still in the lock) back to the initial position and “SNAP”.  They key broke right in the lock.  I used almost no effort and absolutely no ‘forcing’ was applied.  …. Are you kidding me?  After about 15 minutes of using my very nice tweezers we removed the key.  Hopefully we’ll be able to take it to get a copy made.  It snapped right at the base so let’s cross our fingers that that’s all they need make the copy!!!


5 thoughts on “Vacation Mishaps– and We Just Arrived Today!

  1. Ohh noo!! What a disaster! I hope it’s all uphill from there! We miss you guys already.

    We had an impromptu pizza party at our house last night with the church gang and everyone was there but you guys :(.

  2. What is it with Foester vacations?
    Hopefully the rest of your time is uneventful & this time warm enough to hit the beach!

  3. Oh my! Glad you are safe! Enjoy your vacation, have wonderful fun with no more mishaps…just don’t go mini-golfing…(remember my story?)


  4. I’m glad nobody was hurt w/ the bike falling off the van !! Sounds like your vacation is going to be REALLY “memorable”! Can’t wait to hear the full report when you get home. Have a blast!!

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