Privacy Please- Nursing Capes

Last month a group of my friends got together for our monthly Ladies Night Out.  Our usual night consists of a restaurant, yummy food, lots of laughter and a ‘question’.  The question that we all answered was “What three things would you like to do or accomplish over the next year?”.  Part of my response included  selling the nursing capes that I’ve been making for breast feeding mothers.  I’d like to sell them but I didn’t think I had much time to do anything about actually ‘advertising’ that I make and sell them.  Well, funny enough, one of those very women at our night out later asked if she could buy one from me.  So guess what?  I’m going to start selling them.  In the stores I’ve seen them for $39.00 and on line I’ve seen as much as $50.00.  I’m going to sell them for $29.99.  Here are some pix of the last two I made.  Both Capes have pockets on the back for nursing pads or a pacifier.  All the bibs also have an adjustable neck and boning to allow easy view of the infant.  Not only that– mine are lined!  Most capes I’ve seen are a single layer of fabric with turned over edges AND they usually only have ONE pocket. Check out the link to my shop (in my sidebar) or go to


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