Politics- The Forbidden Conversation Topic

I understand why people say the two topics that are off limits are religion and politics.  People feel very strongly about their personal beliefs and often participants in the conversation hold a range of different beliefs. 

I have recentlyencountered the ‘my way or the highway’ view regarding the current presidential race.  What I don’t understand is why these conversations, in a country founded on freedom, we can’t tolerate others freedom to choose for themselves in the matters at hand.

There are two parties and if one was right then we’d all be in the right party.  The wrong party would not exist.  There has to be “right” in both parties or they wouldn’t have continued for so many years.  Therefore, why can’t people just ‘discuss’?  Why can’t we talk about the good and undesirable platforms of BOTH parties in a respectful manner?  Neither platform is perfect and I’ve not had anyone yet convince me otherwise.  Therefore… there are good things about Obama and McCain.  There are also less desirable plans they propose.  Between the good and less desirable, we get to chose who we like the best.  How amazing is that!


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