The Ability to Believe

For the last year and a half or so my eldest daughter awakens overflowing with her ability to ‘believe’.  She has such faith in this ability [to believe] that she transforms each day into something new.  Monday of last week she was a super hero (which is her primary alter ego most definitely).  Tuesday she was an animal rescuer.  Wednesday she was a scientist.  Thursday she was a barber.  Friday she was a karate master as well as an animal rescuer.  She communicates her new identity shortly after waking up and then makes this same statement (each and every day): “Let’s see if I’m going to be a “—new identity—“ forever.  Okay Mommy?”


It amazes me how she asserts her faith into becoming anything she wants to be.  She’ll tell you that God gave her this gift.  She thanks him in prayer, every day, for her imagination.  She rarely says the same thing twice but the praise is always the same.

“Dear God, Thank you that you made me a real super hero.”  “Dear God, thank you that you made me just like me.”….  I even caught her debating one of her cousins that she is in fact a real super hero.  She told him that God made her special and that’s all it takes! 


What confidence! 


She was so inspiring that her other cousin asked if she could be a real super hero too.  My daughter replied in the affirmative and immediately asked her cousin to close her eyes, fold her hands and then she began to pray for her.  She said “Dear God, please make Eden a real Super hero. Amen    Eden,  YOU”RE A REAL SUPER HERO NOW!”   The girls were so happy and demonstrated their faith in prayer so beautifully as they pranced away with their capes in tow.


“If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you (Luke 17:6)   This verse has such a new meaning to me as I look at my child and see that though her faith is small in it’s understanding of God’s greatness it is exactly how God wants to be praised.  Just have faith.  She does.  And it doesn’t even occur to her not to believe.  She’s amazing to watch as she matures and I’m looking forward to the mountains she’ll climb and lives she’ll impact through this great blessing of faith.


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