What if’s

My job as a homemaker is still in full swing and we’re expecting baby #3 in December.  Sadly, the pay isn’t great and since Brett has recently become unemployed he’s on the hunt for a new job and maybe a new career.

He’s excited and ready for a big change and knows that God’s hand is on all of this. He even talked about Paul’s (from the the bible) experiences being shipwrecked and bitten by snakes and how the path was rough but the end result provided great blessings.  His enthusiasm for snake bites and shipwrecks sent me to tears… but it’s sending him closer to God’s calling.  Amen

He’s the dreamer.  I’m the realist.  We’ve always balanced each other out but this situation is tricky.  I’m the supportive wife and have always been happy to be his cheerleader but this situation has left me probably a little less cheerleader-like than he’d prefer.   I can’t help myself.  When he dreams God sized dreams that don’t make sense to me (at least not yet), I find myself inserting comments like “but did you think about xyz?”  or “but how is that going to work with blah blah blah?”

A friend recently said I should just let him ‘shop his dreams’ and when he’s ready to ‘buy’ then we can have the conversation of “what about this?”.    I think she’s right but I’ll have to really rewire my brain so I can say encouraging words with out the additional bring me down statements.

He’s looking for the call.  He thinks he knows the path but there’s no telling how long it’ll take to get through it or even on it for that matter.  He doesn’t know details and how could he really?  I’m just scared, I guess , that the time line could be way longer than I’m prepared for and the “what if’s” keep creeping into my head.


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