A Child’s Perspective

This morning as we were on our way to Farm Camp, and after a quick car prayer for a good camp day, Lainee told me that she could hear Jesus speak to her.  We’ve talked about this  on occasion and so I probed further into her statement.  She mentioned how she just feels Him speaking to her “inside herself”.  She then shared that Satan also talks to her.

Of course, hating that Satan is already grabbing my child in a way that she can verbalize an awareness I tried to probe once more hoping to see where this deep thought was going.  But before I could say anything she said “I hear One saying “yes” and the other saying “no”… “yes”, “no”, “yes”, “no”, “yes”, “no”.  Mommy if God has all the power in the universe why doesn’t he just kill Satan?”

While driving down Kirkwood Highway I tried to think how I could cover this topic in a kid friendly way and at the same time not show how impressed I was that her little 5 year old mind has such depth (I’d like to have that conversation later).  So I mentioned how God tells us (in the bible) that we will have until Jesus comes back to earth to choose to love God.  That if He forced us to love Him it wouldn’t really be love.  I ventured down the road of saying how I want Lainee to love me as her mother but not because I force her to love me.

She had a light bulb moment it seemed as she interrupted and said that God must be the only grown up in the whole world because we are His kids.   His kids should choose to love Him and all the good things… not the bad things.  Then she compared her Nana and Pops to God and me to, well, me and connected the fact that I am a grown up but still a child to my parents.  So– we are the same with God. We can be of different ages but we’re always a kid and he always wants us to chose to love him as our Dad.

Amen to faith like a child!


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