To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool: My Current Mind Bender

Public school education, public school supporter, and (I use the word loosely) public school advocator. And you guessed it, I’ve always marveled at how Delaware has one of the largest non-public school enrollment in the country.  Most people blame it on the busing movement that began decades ago (and thankfully has ended in the not too distant past).  This is when they take under-privileged youth from the inner city and bus them to the suburbs and vice versa, take the more privileged suburban kids and bus them to the city.  Hoping for a well integrated mix of kids should encourage everyone to “be better”… whatever that means.  I’ve often heard myself say “How can you expect to improve the schools if you don’t send your kids there?”  but parents have heard for decades how the busing ruined the schools (i.e. no more community feeling, kids riding on the highway for an hour brings sleepy and inattentive kids to school, problems of poverty still outweigh education desires, etc.)- and now there is no faith that anything has changed regardless that schools are now considered neighborhood.  This post could go on and on about just that issue and since I just started blogging again, for cathartic purposes and not a “change the world”  mission/platform, I’ll let your mind circle around busing vs. neighborhood schools on its own.

But I’ve always know that the middle school has not been a place that we intend to send our 4 children. We thought we’d move out of our starter home after 7 years but 13 years later and a job as a missionary (for my husband) we’ve decided that our 3 bedroom 2 bathroom ranch is the best place for our large family. So now that MS is approaching in a few years we’ve come to the on again off again topic of “what to do about school”.  Do we move? Answered (no).  Do we send to private school? Answered (ha, like we could put 4 kids in private school on a ministry salary). Do we trust that our precious will be cared for as they enter the not so safe and behaviorally troubled MS? Guess we have to.

Ah, but then I read Family Driven Faith, by Voddie Baucham (read it because I’m going for cathartic not book review) and though I don’t buy into everything he says, he’s made the most compelling arguments for homeschooling I’ve ever heard.  So I think. And think and think some more…At first we just felt like our lives were too busy. Always involved in something (wonderful) left our lives running around and sending our kids off to everything.  Let’s face it, when the kids are home for the evening and don’t know what to do because they’re so used to “going” it speaks volumes.  In other words, they don’t know how to relax and just “be”.  So we send, send, send (to piano, to soccer, to youth group, to house church, to Sunday school, etc.) but what’s left?  Just an hour or two to get homework done, dinner in, bath completed, oh and some discipline for all those crazy moments in between, and finally off to bed. What can we cut out in our schedule? It’s all good stuff?

When the summer arrives (yay, it’s here) we will be able to breath a bit and share some good old fashioned, quality time together.  Well, that’s all great but the fall will be upon us eventually and we’ve got to think of what to do when it comes calling.  Cut out something? Is it youth group? After all, Pastor Baucham makes a great case for taking control back and stop sending our kids out for everything.  Let’s be our kids’ youth group— we have enough youth with 4 kids! Let’s be their pastor– my husband is in ministry after all! Let the family be what drives their faith and core beliefs and stop allowing the world to create a well rounded individual! We can do it ourselves without sending them to tutors, teachers, and coaches.

So with all that swirling, I investigate HS and ask the two oldest (8 and 6 years) to pray about HS.

More to come:)


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