Elementary School Discipleship. Homeschool Alternative {the one where I’m choosing to disciple the kids instead of a classroom full of kids and a handful of teachers from the public school}

Edit:  I had to change the original title because of inappropriate search terms leading people to this site. As a mother I’m appalled that pedophiles would think that this blog post would lead them to trashy content.

My primary goal with blogging is recording all my thoughts on why I’m leaning to homeschooling the girls in the fall. And if you’re new to reading this blog you should read it with the understanding that I’m a faithful Christian woman. Considering 70% of Americans say the same, I should clarify that I’m probably considered Born Again to the secular world (which holds a different reverence for the faith than the box you check off in the religion section of applications etc.).

I’m sure other passions of mine like decorating, gardening, healthy cooking and cloth diapers will appear as well but for now, as I pick up the proverbial pen again I’m starting with a few posts about HS.  And let me throw in a disclaimer as to why everything is “under construction” or empty (my pages at the top of the blog and my Good Reads book widget)…because I can barely find the time to blog let alone figure out all the rest of making my blog cool. But I promise that I will attempt to do so in the next month.

As the title states, Barbies and swaggering boys are the topic today. My story kind of reminds me of when Bill Cosby had that show Kids Say the Darndest Things (watch a clip here if you don’t know what I’m talking about) he wasn’t right on the money.


With in days of each other the girls came home with their own little show worthy sayings that have me scratching my head and asking “Is this what I want them to be surrounded by all day?”  The first was when my 6 year old referred to a Barbie being hot.  After some questioning ( Was she hot because she was in your bookbag?  Hot because it’s 80 degrees out?) I realized she was not referring to temperature but more that the Barbie was beautiful. Then when my 8 year old said “Mom, she means the Barbie is pretty!” I knew their time in school learning reading, writing and arithmetic included so much more…like hot Barbies.

Then, a few days later, the  8 year old naturally must contribute to the quotables and  said that a boy was “doing the swagger for the ladies” one day at recess.  SHE’S 8! HE’S 8!  Again, after some prodding I concluded that it was all harmless boy fun and no real intention to fluff his feathers and attract the opposite sex. But nonetheless I was struck twice with the realization that the girls are being discipled by the world (and I wish more of it was driven by our family).

They go to school, go to piano, go to Sunday School, go to sports (just soccer once a week in the fall), and to Youth Group. They get trekked around for my schedule of being a house wife which includes playdates, going to market, bible study and the million other house wife responsibilities I have that I can’t think about right now.  So, the time we have left over to talk and have quality conversation is so minor it’s laughable. In fact, they don’t even know what to do when we have nothing to do.

Anyway, another point on the home school score board. And for the record, I don’t have any delusions about thinking that homeschool will shelter them from the undesirable  things (nor do I really want to shelter them).  My goal in HS, should I do it, is that we only have our kids for 18 years and so much time with them is spent sending them out to this and that but I’d like to have more of a long lasting personal relationship that develops their character first and foremost (wowsers for the run on sentence- my apologies). If I’m in charge of their upbringing, why do I send them to everyone else to train them up?


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