Reminders of Why I Will Homeschool

So I’m chronicling why I’m homeschooling… how I’m being shown that God is leading me in this direction (even though I have pushed my heels down in protest).  Mind you, it hasn’t begun yet as it’s only July, but I’ve bought my curricula and am setting up my classroom! — and pinning away– (check out these)

classroom homeschool-classroom

Homeschool Classroom         Homeschool

And as I’m doing all this setting up, my excitement for decorating and organizing shoots through the roof but my memory of the events leading to HS are fading… so it’s time to write more.

I simply want more time with my kids.  I want to be the ones to show them the world; to develop their world view; to train them.  And even though I tried to figure out how to simplify our schedule by cutting out a million activities (and it’s more so because we have 4 kids rather that they are over involved in any one thing) the Lord said, “Really? That’s how you’re gonna solve this?”  So I prayed that he’d provide me with a cost effective curricula for the girls.  After all, everyone says that I should set aside $800.00 to $1000.00 for two grade levels.  HA!  We are in ministry. And the sacrifice is in the salary (for starters) and there isn’t an extra $1,000.00 just waiting to be moved in the HS budget category.  So, like I said, I prayed.

And here’s the reminder… God hooked me up with our pastor’s wife (who is ending her HS years ) at just the moment because she shared that she was going to sell her curriculum.  OK. Great. Show me. Teach me how you used it. Now please let it be affordable- because I’ve done some research and I’ve got an idea here.

She showed me Son Light 1st and 3rd grades with LA add-ons and Science. Then she had a whole grammar and spelling program for each grade as well.  She said she’d itemize and give me a number.

A day later this was what I received via e mail:


I’d be happy to sell you 1st and 3rd grade with all the extras for $100.00.  If you don’t want to continue HS after this year, just give it back and I’ll refund your money.  If you like it, keep it and sell it when you’re all done HSing your 4 kiddos.


Prayer answered. Yet another confirmation.  I feel like I should write endless emotionally filled sentences to describe how amazingly God answered my prayers but I think it’d be impossible to do it justice.  “Amazing” is the best word I’ve got!


3 thoughts on “Reminders of Why I Will Homeschool

  1. Awesome! There are so many ways to homeschool for less than $800! Man, I wish I could spend that much! I think on average, we spend about $400 per year for all four of our kids. And even then, that includes our ISP that we are apart of and HSLDA. If we only had to worry about curriculum, we would be spending about $250. The ISP is worth it though, as is the HSLDA. Good luck with your homeschooling and with the curriculum! I am sure you love it!

    • I’m getting slowly educated on all the groups, co ops and organizations that are worthwhile and appreciate your feedback on the ISP and HSLDA. Thinking about investing into these 🙂

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