Even the Dolls Need Their Hair Done

So in my attempt to remain ever-frugal I decided to attempt to help my 6 year old brush her [fake] American Girl doll’s hair as well as her Tangled doll [Rapunzel].  I realize you can take the dolls to the doll hospital and get them all fixed up but in today’s economy it’s simply not in our budget.  Wait- it never was in our budget. — and if it ever makes it into our budget I will need to re-prioritize.

The key word is “attempt” and if you’ve ever tried to brush  messed up, dred locked-esque  doll hair you know what I’m talking about.  It’s impossible and after the fact they may require a bit of Rogaine due to the hair loss while pulling, tugging, and wrenching the brush through the hair.

So I did some research and found two popular methods.

1.  Fabric softener, wire wig brush and water.  Combine the softener and water and spritz in a spray bottle, brush with wire wig brush.

2.  Hot water soak.  Simply soak the hair in water and brush out with a wide tooth comb or wire brush.

And even though people said that both methods worked wonderfully- I found that neither worked best by itself.  In fact, the Tangled doll came out no better than what you see in the above picture and the fake-out American Girl improved marginally.  In a last ditch attempt, I combined both methods.  Made some progress but nothing to say “I’ve conquered you!”.  Now, my disclaimer is that I used a metal cat brush– which clearly isn’t a wire wig brush.  So perhaps my execution was flawed in the brush selection.

Note to all those trying to help the doll hair- try a wire wig brush or let me know if you find a better recipe to straighten out the hair.


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