Organizing the Classroom: ClipBoards

Ok, so I’ve had some pinsperations ( follow me on pinterest via the link on my sidebar) again and in the effort to make our playroom into a classroom I just had to incorporate this little baby:

Love the clipboards...

Now it appears that this desk used clipboards for decor, but mine will need to be a bit more practical.  Here’s what I came up with (and it’s no where near the pinsperation but I’m working my way to a classroom not a decor phenomenon):


**epic fail on the uploading of this pic** cut off the left side 😦 But it’s totally normal on my original!

This is my actual finished product, above the craft supply built in’s.  The room is really a disaster right now so the pic is cropped pretty tightly so you can’t see my clutter.   Anyway, my thinking was that I’d use the boards to showcase art work, problems of the day, schedules (field trips), objectives/activities for the day- really there are so many possibilities.


I bought 8 clipboards at the dollar store and used a sharpie and a stencil.  That was it!  I laid them on the floor to see how I wanted to split up the letters since they won’t divide evenly for 3 letters/8 clipboards.


**something went wrong in the uploading and cut off some of the pic- and it’s driving me crazy- but I can’t seem to fix it 😦

And I decided along the way that I wanted to top 4 boards to have the letters right-adjusted and the bottom row of letters left-adjusted.  I picked diagonal boards to have 4 letters (centered) for balance.  Easy peasy.



5 thoughts on “Organizing the Classroom: ClipBoards

  1. The other pics don’t want to show up for some reason, but I am sure it turned out beautifully! I love the inspirational picture!! Man, I wish I had a room to call school. I do have a kitchen table though and it is pretty nifty. Thanks for sharing; wish I could see all the pics!

  2. Ugh- The pics show on my computer but when I look on my phone they are MIA with a “?” in their place. Tried to delete them and re load but it didn’t seem to work. Sorry! Will try again.

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