Bonus Room- Screened in Porch


In an effort to keep our family of 6 comfortably cohabitating in our 1,200 sq. ft., 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home (plus about 900 sq. ft of finished basement) we decided to add on a screened in porch.



We opted for a gable roof to make the 16 X 12 space seem bigger.  Also, we chose to have a railing and spindles instead of the knee wall.  Our reason was due to the pitch/slope of our yard.  A knee wall would have prevented us from seeing any of our gardens and showcased the roofs of our neighbors’ homes.


Once the inside was complete, we stained all the wood with a solid white outdoor stain.  Then the flooring was stained with a semi-solid dark gray.  We added ferns for some southern charm and a palm tree.  I found the ferns at Lowes for $8.88 and the palm for $16.99 at Home Depot.  Amazon had these commercial grade outdoor lights (with filament bulb) and seemed to be a an economical option for about $70.00 with bulbs costing $0.11 a piece.

Our table was also an amazon purchase and can actually seat 12.  We opted to push it against the rails in order to get more floor space for the family.  Now the cars road map rug and matchbox can be easily rolled out and enjoyed by the Littles.


Buy brick clips and hang pictures.  Usually design rules say to do things in odd numbers but we simply didn’t have the room here.  We hung the 3rd leaf picture on the other side of the slider door.  This photo is capturing the right side of the room and the 3rd leaf pic is on the left side.  So- we did stick to the rule, sort of…

We added plants, vintage binoculars and a candle to create a unique and interesting space.


We chose to use yellow.  Our kitchen has an accent of yellow and the porch is an extension of that room.  It seemed a logical choice and just required a bit of paint and fabric.  The chairs were trash picked years ago and after a bit of paint they look mighty purty (insert southern accent).   The yellow medallion fabric is on the cushions and can be seen on 2 of the 4 dining chairs as well as on the pillows for the big cushioned chairs.


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