Daily Starter Notebook

I know it’s several weeks away but I’m in full preparatory mode for home-schooling. I’ve also realized, thanks to a few blogs I’ve been reading (click here, here and here), that having a standard and daily activity for the girls to begin would be prudent.  Mama Jenn’s blog has posted her calendar notebook and My Aussie Homeschool adapted it to fit her needs.  The later is more fitting for my needs (I think it’s the useability of the downloads in one short click).  Now I will, not wanting to reinvent the wheel or anything,  adapt the idea once again for the girls.


The idea is simple- the girls (kids, students) will get their notebook and work daily on simple, yet essential, skills at the start of the day.  I can then get things started for the day– including for the two kids 2 yrs and under!

For our first grader, her notebook will contain a calendar that she will trace the numbers. Our 3rd grader will not have to do this activity but will still have to write the date daily.  via

There are a whole host of ideas in this calendar notebook including weather graphing, temperature, and math, printing practice,  (as far as I can tell the Aussie HS got this idea off of Mama Jenn who also got her idea off of a teacher by the name of Mrs. Meacham– who knows where the list ends here …).


I think I will add a word of the day, problem of the day or story starter prompt into the 3rd grader’s notebook.

I took out daily temperature recording for both girls.


What I love most about this whole thing is the math page. It revolves around the date.  Writing tally marks, expanded notation, place value, money, number sentences and more- all connected to the date!  Best of all both my 1st and 3rd graders can do this!


This whole notebook is completely reproducible and free!  And, just to be clear, I didn’t create this at all… but I will take advantage of it.


My only thought would be this- there are A LOT of pages to print out.  I printed out just one copy of each page and forgoed doing sets of pages or multiple pages (like 10 sheets just for the calendar itself-for one student!) and then separated each into piles, indicating number of copies/front to back/general instructions for copying to take to Staples so that I could get two notebooks completed and keep my originals for future use.  Even with the double math activity on one page (picture above) I still need to  make enough copies for 180 days of school- FOR TWO GIRLS.  So, I’m banking on this being a lifesaver and not a money sucker.


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