Devotions at Dinner

Our House Church (we call it a Life Group) started reading a book called Family Driven Faith last fall.  It was life changing for most all the families in our group.  Though some might say they didn’t care for the book, they won’t deny that it changed their family life.  I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the book. I think the Lord gave me eyes to see and ears to hear in place of  my “judgement glasses” from which I often read a bit to frequently.


The first thing the book did was inspire our family to have dinner time devotions.  Since none of us sing [well], our form of worship has taken the form of scripture reading with Jesus Calling 365 Devotions for Kids by Sara Young.  It’s a short paragraph/day written from the perspective of God, speaking into the child’s life.  It’s written in kid friendly language and addresses life lessons that kids can relate too. The author uses 2-3 scriptures and italicizes the sentences that are direct bible quotes. References are at the bottom of the page for study time.


My husband wears this hat (the spiritual leader hat) and begins by asking our girls to each read a selected scripture.  Next,  he reads the small paragraph from the Lord’s perspective. Then we discuss.  It’s simple but meaningful.  Our 2 year old even shouts an Amen.  It takes about 5-10 minutes.


Dinner time devotions has allowed our family to take control of discipling our children OURSELVES.  I capitalize this because we were feeling so “sendy”… sending our kids to Sunday School, to Kids’ Church, to Awana (youth group), to childcare while we attend our own adult bible study (Life Group), and to the host of secular activities that fill the rest of the time (soccer, piano, school).  Now we are spending quality time in The Word with the kids instead of the occasional moment.


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