Rainbow/Painting Party, Piper’s First Birthday


I decided that a simple theme would be the way to go and super cost effective.  My  Princess P would be the last First Birthday Party I’d ever be throwing and it had to be well thought out- but economical!

Here are some pics of the decor:

 I used one of my decor pieces, an antique postal scale, and laid a tray of the  rainbow cupcakes I made (complete with rainbow– Air Heads candy).

I made little oval shaped signs for each letter of the phrase “Piper is 1” and hot glued them to skewer sticks.

I piped icing from a ziploc and tried to make cloud-like tops on the cupcakes.  Then I cut the Air Head Sour strip candy into about 2 inch pieces and laid it over the cloud icing into an arching rainbow masterpiece.

I bought a dollar store frame and painted it with chalk board paint (3 coats) and made another table sign to celebrate her first birthday.  We had a cake table and a snack table so two signs seemed appropriate…

I also made a pennant banner to hang above the table.  I made it with scrap fabric so it wasn’t truly rainbow colors but it was colorful so it worked.

Since it was a painting party I lined up 21 canvases along our fence and some plants and gave each kid a paint palette from Oriental Trading Co. (and a paint brush of course). Since I don’t have permission to show you the faces of these kids, you get to see the back of them 🙂

Here’s  Piper’s first painting– we helped with the hand and foot prints but she did the rest.

We finished off with a thank you card……


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