Starting the Homeschool Year- First Week in Planning Mode

Eek.  Should I start hyperventilating now or should I hold off until the school year actually starts?! “Relax,” you say.  Umm, could you give me some tips on how to actually make that happen?

Okay, so I’m not really hyperventilating here but I am hospitalized.

(insert my humor here)

Here’s the skinny:  Homeschool grades 1 and 3, manage a 1 and 2 year old at the same time. Oh- and it’s my first time doing this homeschool adventure.  Our curricula is SonLight and Singapore Math. I’ve got to get in social skills, handwriting, science, history, reading, writing, grammar, and math… not to mention the arts (which are equally important but are numerous to pen).

Since I’m trying to look at myself as a turn-of-the-century (which century do you think I mean?) tutor and looking to mold and shape my children as I see fit i.e. to produce well rounded, learning loving, bible believing, amazing kids I’m also trying to break the mold of the institutionalized prescribed education. –but that’s another topic/post 🙂  So- my thought is…..



I’m thinking reading, writing, bible, math, and history is good enough to start with for the first week or so.

I’ve already planned to give the kids

  1. my total attention and turn off the phone, TV, computer (any technology that will distract)
  2. to provide Busy Bag’s for my 2 year old to help manage his learning and attention.
  3. Plan in advance (I know, but I had to write it)
  4. truth and grace
  5. prayer before our day begins.

Tips, suggestions, advice are all welcomed.  How do you start your first week?


3 thoughts on “Starting the Homeschool Year- First Week in Planning Mode

  1. I was a little scared that you were actually in the hospital.

    We always started our day with breakfast and then my mom would lead us in a devotional before our first period. I really enjoyed that. We also always had to be dressed by breakfast. Her theory was pajamas were not allowed–that we wouldn’t work as seriously on our schoolwork if we were too casual about that. I still feel twitchy if I haven’t dressed by breakfast time!

    • Good tips. We will be dressing for school. Makes a lot of sense about taking it more seriously! Thanks so much for the tips:)

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  2. p.s. the blog looks awesome! I like having the first two posts large and then the others just showing a bit. I tried to change my blog to that view, but couldn’t find that option.

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