In my rapid research on homeschooling, I came across a site called The Notebooking Fairy.  And after a bit of added research on “what is notebooking”, I’ve decided I love this blog/site!


It appears, at my best assessment, that it’s no more than data collection (for the teacher) and a demonstration of knowledge (for the student).  Seems easy enough….and it begins with a simple understanding, of the learner, that he/she will be retelling what they learned at the end of the lesson by scribing and drawing the information gathered during that lesson.  In other words, it’s not a test, but a demonstration or a retelling of the lesson just completed.  Oh, how I love reinforcement! Yes, that’s exactly what it is for the child but as an added bonus it lets the teacher know that she/he has presented the lesson in such a way that the student understood it as intended.




I didn’t even realize that I was already planning on being a notebooking homeschool but apparently I am!  Each day I will have the kiddos get out a [kind of] calendar/weather notebook to start our morning of academics (following bible and prayer).  I haven’t finished the final printing so I can’t post pictures just yet but I will as soon as it’s complete.

The Notebooking Fairy has loads of resources, free printables, how-to’s, etc. So if you’re interested in finding out more click here to get to the site.

How do you use notebooking? Did you use it as a student? Was it torture or did you love to show off your mad skills?




5 thoughts on “Notebooking

  1. Hey! I so appreciate your love for The Notebooking Fairy. Makes me really happy. If you want to be featured in a Spotlight post, let me know. I love to see how moms use it for their children.

    • Sure thing. Once our school year is settled in a bit I’d love to do a spotlight. We haven’t officially started yet. I’ve combed TNF and am impressed and thankful for your gifts to share all about notebooking. I’ll contact you once I feel more settled :). Blessings, lori

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