Pinterest to the Test #1 and #2

I’m a fan of pinterest, pinning, finding all things pinteresting and actually trying to recreate the things I pin.  I’ve even had a Pinterest Challenge party where 9 women came to my house and brought their own craft supplies.  The ladies made their own projects or did a few that I had suggested in case they were searching for something new to do.  Here’s mine… (it’s the twine covered letter F)

My F has been on the front door, changed ribbon colors, locations (now it’s on the mantel) and even rosette colors have been changed out.  In fact, the twine covered letter has been such a success that several friends have made it and then gifted them away (after keeping their very own, of course).  All in all, the Pinterest Challenge was a success.   Other projects included a scrap fabric map of the US,  wreaths, burlap placements with stamping embellishment,  and holiday centerpiece/table top decor.

Well, I thought that the pinterest category Products I Love (where I mostly pin homemade products) should get some attention and I took off to test a few (make a few) of the items.  Here’s what I made/recreated:


Total success.  Materials needed- bleach and cotton coil from the beauty supply store.  Soak the cotton in a small container (in the tub bc you don’t want bleach dripping outside the tub) and lay the coil along the moldy caulk.  leave over night (or a few hours really). GENIUS – totally worked.


Partial Success.  The directions said to mix half vinegar with half dish soap (Dawn) and clean away after every shower (well, actually to clean away while you’re in the shower).  The beauty,  so they say, is that the wand is always there and easily used after every shower for a spotless clean look.

But I can only give it one thumb up here.  Truth be told, the vinegar (being so thin) ran right out of the sponge and by the next day my wand was empty.  I tried standing the wand with the handle down, sponge up but the same thing happened (only it came through the screw cap end).  Maybe I used a cheap wand.

So my suggestion would be to NOT fill the whole wand up.  AND to store it completely horizontal with the sponge facing the ceiling.  This did work out okay for me and my shower has never been more squeaky clean!


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