Harvesting Frolic- Our First Homeschooling Lesson

I’ve been reading too many Beverly Lewis novels lately and hence the name Frolic in the title.  But I have no idea what else to call our first homeschooling lesson (with Grandmom as the teacher).  Today the girls went to my mom’s house and harvested veggies from the garden and then prepared them (blanching, peeling, stewing, mixing).  They learned what they were doing; why they were doing it; and how the processes effected the veggies (blanching, stewing). We even used a notebooking worksheet from The Notebooking Fairy

This is the kind of lesson I’m so excited about with the new opportunities presented via a homeschooling model of education.  After all, it’s only been the last 150 years we’ve been educating kids in an ‘instituion’ (if you will) and prior we all did homeschooling… go figure that it’s still shocking to most people to even consider homeschooling  (which it was shocking to me about a year ago).

But I loved the day’s unfolding!  Blessings of time spent with Grandmom.  Valuable lessons integrating science and home economics.  JOY.

First up was bean peeling and breaking- then blanching…. and Grandmom even gave them a verbal quiz! She’s a tough cookie!


And our Little Man joined in on the fun… but admittedly I had to get involved in this part of the lesson with him.  But great motor skill work for him!

Then Grandmom explained all about blanching, the how-to’s, and the reason why someone would want to blanch beans.  The girls were amazingly attentive and receptive.  They love to cook and even though it wasn’t a kid friendly favorite, they were allowed to use knives and the stove (supervised of course) so it was a win win for everyone.

Then they moved on to peppers.  And yes, that meant they needed to cut and core the peppers with a sharp knife.  It was the first time they were given a sharp knife to use and since my mother didn’t blink an eye and she raised two kids with nothing more than minor cuts and scrapes (for the most part) I trusted her judgement. 

On to the onions.  This was fun because they had to wash, peel, and then chop.  More sharp knives. ugh.  But no damage done.  All was going along great until my oldest rubbed her eyes after handling the onions.  Oops, forgot to mention that we don’t touch our face when we handle food.  Note to self for next time, mention to not touch the face when handling food.

Immediately after the onion chopping (and eye recovery), the girls added the onions to an already simmering pot of tomatoes (that they also cored and cut).  Stewed tomatoes is a staple freezer item in my parents’ house.  They have so many tomatoes from the garden that they make hot sauce, stewed tomatoes, and red sauce. 

Our culminating activity was to use the notebooking page (graphic organizer) to check out what they learned.  Now the day could have gone with out a hitch- no whining or complaining, but that wouldn’t be interesting would it?  No.  So my oldest asked if my blog post could count as the “recording” of information and she could forgo the “report”.  She actually smacked her head when I told her she’d have to write down what she learned from the day’s lessons with veggies and cooking.  The physicality of it all made me chuckle but I did have to insert my mommy “give me respect” speech (really it was a statement and she understood with the simple look I shot her).

I’m really looking forward to have more Grandparental involvement in the homeschooling process this year.  So far, lesson 1 was a great experience.


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