Busy Bag Exchange. My Bag.

Two more days until the busy bag party.  I’m getting very excited to have 11 different bags of goodies  coming our way once the exchange is complete.  The general gist is this:  Each mom makes 11 of the same bag of activities (each bag containing 2 or 3 activities), bring them to my house at designated time, enjoy yummy goodies and fellowship, keep one of your own bags and take one of each moms’ bags (there are 11 moms total).  Seems simple enough- here’s hoping it goes off with out a hitch.

My bag was based on a sorting and motor skill theme.

Palette, Sorting by Color and Number:

Materials needed

  1. 1.  palette
  2. 2.  beads ( I used star beads)
  3. 3.  Felt
  4. 4.  sharpie
  5. 5. hot glue




Magnetic Fishing Game

Materials  Needed:

  1. felt cut into fish shapes, two pieces, hot glued together
  2. hot glue
  3. scissors
  4. magnets for each fish, hot glued
  5. pole (dowel, pencil, etc.)
  6. yarn, glue a magnet to end of looped yarn

Button Snake

Materials Needed

  1. ribbon
  2.  felt
  3. button
  4. scissors
  5. hot glue (glue the button to one end and a piece of felt to the bottom so the shapes don’t slide right off).

I originally researched loads and loads of ideas and pinned them on my pinterest board.  Next, I grouped activities in sets of 2-5 and organized them by skill sets i.e. motor, sorting, numbers, abc’s, colors, etc.  Many of these over lap but it was the easiest way for me to organize it all because then I compiled it all onto a spreadsheet and included pictures for each activity for a quick reference.  Sounds complicated but it took more time than mental energy.

Then I sent it to the 10 other moms that had committed to this funtastic activity and let them sign up for a “bag”.  I did provide about 15 bag ideas just so no one felt “stuck” with something lame.  And I also told everyone that they could feel free to do their own research and make a bag of their very own design.  I just figured that if I provided a spread sheet already choc full of ideas then it’d be easier for all of our busy lives and schedules.

My Little Man really loves all the things in his first bag.  The magnetic fishing game (pictured second) really keeps him engaged for a solid 20-30 minutes alone!  The button snake (picture last) is also a 10-15 minute activity.  I just gave him the sorting beads, by number and color, and he really likes it but does need help with the numbers/counting so it’s not a totally independent game for him yet.


2 thoughts on “Busy Bag Exchange. My Bag.

    • I thought it was a great night. Thanks for participating. Maybe you can do a guest post about your thoughts or how you’re going to use the bags with bray.

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