Early US History. Native American Wigwams and “History Rocks”

Today was so much better than yesterday.  I had such nerves this morning that I awoke an hour and a half early and got to work on my morning routine.  I figure my house wife duties are second in line now that my main job description (after woman, wife and mother) is “homeschooling teacher of two and mother of four”. So off to a cup of joe, fruit loops (yes, I enjoy a bit of kid cereal now and again),dishes, a shower, make up and hair, and laundry. I felt empowered as my day began so smoothly and calmly.  It must have rubbed off because the rest of the day went rather well- but compared to yesterday it’d be an easy task to accomplish.

We are studying early US history and that means we’re in the throws of all things Native American/American Indian.  My oldest is so in love with this unit that she’s planning her 10th birthday party (13 months away, she’s still 8!) to be a Native American themed party.  Check out her notes on the headdress crafts she plans on making at the party:


My youngest is not as much interested in listening to books especially if it’s anything non princess-girly-glittery.  I’ve come to realize in this week that she is absolutely a hands-on kinesthetic learner and probably also a visual learner.  Our curriculum is HEAVILY read aloud and counter to her style of learning.  So today I threw in two crafty activities to help meet her learning style.

  1. Make a Wigwam- kids gathered their own twigs, designed their wigwam and then made paper dolls/items that would be acceptably found in an authentic wigwam (fire, people, sleeping mat).
  2. Make a History Stone-  since our original countrymen didn’t read and write, we learned they carved into stone.  Pictures = words and therefore the girls drew something on a river rock (gathered from our yard) that represented something about themselves.


By the end of the day I felt like we did well as a team.  Frankly, I felt like I could just give my oldest her lessons to complete independently and she’d teach herself and blow through them all in about 2 hours…. she’s been given the gift of learning and I love that I can see that gift from this angle… but it is weird that I feel almost unnecessary.  At the same time, my youngest is so sweet and moldable- she needs me and wants me to guide her along the learning road. I love that we will be working on shaping her world so closely together.

Next week:  FIELD TRIP.   Youth For Christ work day.  The kids will go to work with their dad and help prepare the intern house for 4 German students/interns that will be doing ministry work for a year with us.  I see a writing assignment!!

Working on:  Schedule.  I need to get in grammar,spelling and cursive for my oldest. My youngest needs grammar and a bit more writing expression.


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