Front Door Decor: Hello and Goodbye Decals

“Make your own fun.” That’s what I tell my kids all the time.  I often use it when they complain of boredom or idleness.  And recently I decided to do the same with a little help from my design/decorating hobby.



I just love the door decal “Hello”.  It makes me laugh each and every time I open my door.  It was a simple and easy addition to our home with the little help from DIY blogger Shelly from House of Smiths who has her own vinyl lettering business.

What I did:

1.  Measure the space available and leave a 2 inch space above and below…this will tell you how tall you’ll want your decal.

2.  Select font

3.  Contact a vinyl lettering business to discuss how the height of the desired lettering will affect the length of the lettering.  Then measure your space to see if it works.  This is an important step because the font is really what determines your length.


Like I said- it makes me laugh every time!



I wish I could have taken a better (full length picture) of the door.  Our hallway is really just an entry way and it’s super small.  I was actually jammed up against our coat closet to get this photo! But I think you get the point.

I know it’s kinda silly, but I’m choosing to express my inner playful spirit and go crazy with my door 🙂


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