Homeschool Field Trip: Volunteering in Ministry

This is our second full week of school.  I am getting into a groove and feeling the thrill of being a teacher (as it was also my occupation before I had children).  I love seeing this side of learning with my little ladies. One is a visual learner and the other auditory.  One is a natural learner, lover of learning, and I’d even call her an ‘academic’ (even though she’s only in 3rd grade).  One is a playful spirit, one of discovery learning, play learning, and hands on learning.  Meeting the needs of these two very different people has challenged me to be a better teacher.  But in the midst of trying to meet their individual learning styles/needs, I’ve forgotten my goal for homeschooling…discipleship.  Yup, it only took 2 weeks for me to lose sight of it.

I had been feeling that by day’s end, the girls had accomplished a plethora of material (bible, math, phonics, reading, grammar, vocabulary, handwriting, history, crafts/drawing/art/music, calendar & weather, writing, and poetry …and we haven’t even added in science yet!).  I almost felt dizzy by the end of the day.  Some of this is done independently by the girls and some of it is done as a group (read aloud, bible, history) but none the less I was bouncing between both to make sure each was on task and working correctly on a skill.  They didn’t really feel the craze that I was feeling but none-the-less if Mama’s blood pressure is rising then eventually everyone would feel it!  But I couldn’t shake the drive to make the best student, the best academic, the child who learned so much more in homeschooling because she had one on one instruction.

FAIL! My pride took over.

So, I decided that a little volunteer work would be right up our alley.  It was, after all, the reason to school them… to teach them about life and learn through the teaching of all facets.  So, with my husband’s ministry work, we had the perfect opportunity to do just that.

I’ve been preparing for 4 new German interns to arrive stateside this week.  More specifically, shopping for all their bedding/linens/essentials, and it’d be the perfect opportunity for the girls to help clean and set up the space in the Youth Center with me.  The house is in the inner city (very rough part of town) and our girls don’t really understand what that means- even though they’ve been there several times.  I think it’s a beautiful thing that they don’t really see the difference between suburbia and the city but I think the value in knowing that people live differently is biblical and necessary in understanding God’s command to care for one another and to be kind and compassionate.

I think they ended up doing more playing than helping but they were able to take away core values here:  serving, kindness, compassion.

Here’s a photo of the girls’ (interns) dormitory style room.  The original was empty of anything but the bed frames and mattresses and the dresser.


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