Busy Bag Party: Part 1

We finally had the busy bag party! It was so much fun and the ladies really out did themselves.  I have so many activities now, thanks to some hard working, motivated mamas! Here’s a part one (of a series because I have so many to share!). And like I said in previous posts about this, I did loads of research and put it all in a spread sheet, with links , so that my mama friends could sign up for a group of ideas.  They selected and made 2-4 activities and brought them packaged to our party.  I also provided pictures for ease in selection and made a disclaimer that anyone could do anything they wanted, but I just tried to make it easier by getting some choices out there for them.

 Click here: for the busy bag spreadsheet

**my photos don’t necessarily represent the exact bag compilation of each mama friend.  They just were photographed this way and so that’s how they’re getting described.

Bag 1

One requirement we had was lamination.  Anything in a preschooler or toddlers hands will be ruined in a nano second if it’s not durable.  Here one of my mama friends drew a series of animals and objects for a child to draw on and erase.  Dry erase and a toothbrush for tools.  Just be careful to supervise this one because dry erase marker is lethal to clothing.

Bag 2

Pool Noodle Sequencing.  The link on the spreadsheet even came with the files to print out the number and color sequencing cards. There are loads!  Tip from the mama friend: don’t cut the noodles too thin.  Also, use a wiffle golf ball on the end!

Puff Ball Push.  Take and Toss cup and puff balls. Works on motor skills. My 2 year old loves this.

Bag 3

What’s really cute about these “blocks” is that they are made from sponges.  Great thing about sponge blocks is they make zero noise when they fall! Take ’em to the doctors office, church, whatever!  The foam cards with numbers, dots and blocks are a great combo of motor skills and numbers.  Count the dots, find the corresponding number to place beside the dots, grab the blocks to place on top of each dot.

Bag 4

It’s a ziploc with hair gel and glitter.  Note from mama friend: reinforce seal by glue and packing tape.  Idea behind the bag: put a numbered foam card under the bag and allow child to trace the number. Works on motor skills and number recognition. For prewriters, give them a q-tip to act as a pencil.

Bag 5

Lacing cards. Wacky Sack (balloon with playdough inside) and pipe cleaners with pony beads.  Note from mama friend:  The numbers on the pipe cleaners were a bear.  She taped, re taped, and still had some issues with them sticking on like a flag.

Bag 6

This is my bag.  I had paint palettes from Oriental Trading Co and thought I had to get some kind of sorting activity going there.  Bead and felt and voila it was done.  My son loves the color sorting here. The magnetic fish were a bit tricky for me. I found that even with the original directions, the magnet wasn’t working well and precision was necessary for it to actually work. Precision with a 2 year old spells frustration.  So I added a magnet to the fish (instead of the washers inside the fish) to make the magnets easier to use. And the button snake was my last activity.  I thought a great extension to this would be to use Candy Land cards to pull out and for each color pulled, the child finds a matching felt shape and buttons it on.  Only note on this one, glue a shape to the end so the others don’t slide off.

Bag 7

Kind of speaks for itself.  Use the spreadsheet file above to find the link to the printables here.  I did add magnets to these and the cookie sheet but you don’t have to it to save cost.  My son found them a bit slippery and the magnet helped keep them in place.

Bag 8

Each mat is double sided and laminated via Staples copy center. I like to use Bendaroos with these too!

Bag 9

Super cute but a little time consuming to cut this out for multiple moms.  My mama friend didn’t complain though- she even made the bonus Pizza Kit just for fun! Check out the recipe cards.  They’re double sided and laminated. An extension here is the added numbers (square felt pieces).  If the recipe card is too much just let your child pick a number and add that many cupcake toppings.

I’ve got loads more photos! Posting of the rest will follow soon!



7 thoughts on “Busy Bag Party: Part 1

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  2. I didn’t think about bendaroos with the playdough mat!! So fun!! You did such a great job organizing this! I haven’t pulled out half of the activities yet! I have some action pictures of B that I’m working on editting for the blog right now..

    • Amber, the physical therapist actually recommended it. It’s an OT fine motor skill but she’s always looking through the therapy lens 🙂 Makes for easier “shapes” too when the playdough mat calls for small shapes.

  3. Wow. This has such possibilities! Amazing helps here, for entertaining those whe just are not quite ready for “curriculum” (which we KNOW these bags really ARE!) Thanks for sharing all this. I will make some of these soon, for my grandkids. 🙂

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