Homeschool: Swing Day, Changing It Up

Once a week I like to have a day of “variety”. This usually consists of out-of-the-home lessons

The girls take classical piano Mondays and my mom teaches them a formal art class every other week. Add in library and hopefully gymnastics come the new year and that’s already a packed list of “outside” lessons.  But I still wanted to save some time for the atypical lessons. So we call it a Swing Day.

Our swing day can include any of the specials listed above (piano, art, etc.) but here is a complete list (well, all I can think of right now but I’m sure the list will grow over the year) of subjects/lessons I’d also like to expose the girls to:

  1. home economics (cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, baking)
  2. money management (saving, spending, donating)
  3. field trips (we’re going to the Apple Orchard next week… and plan to make homemade applesauce)
  4. art
  5. piano
  6. library
  7. physical activity (park, organized sport, bike riding, exploring/hiking
  8. game (board games, card games, etc.)
  9. technology (movie integrated into our unit study, researching on line, computer time)

Today was our Swing Day!

We went to the library and found an audio book for my 1st grader.  The current read aloud  we have (Walk the World’s Rim) is not doing it for her. So we are adjusting the plan and she will listen to Samantha, an American Girl story while I read aloud to our 3rd grader  WTWR. We also found a movie/documentary about the colonial settlers.  I hope this will provide a little method balancing (teacher term from my former life) and make things a bit interesting for our studies.

We did tack on a lunch date to BJ’s Wholesale and run some errands during our lunch hour.  And on a side note, I found the best price around for single serve brewers! Thinking of making it a unit price lesson.

  • What’s the cost for one cup of coffee?

    We found this brand in a box of 80 servings for about $27.00! I’m pretty thrilled with that.

    We had a great day.  Hoping for more!



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