Sweet Tuesday: Savoring the Little Moments

Our 8 year old is just 3 weeks away from turning 9!  That means half of her time with us, under our roof, is just about over as we know it.  Time has flown by these past 9 years and soon she’ll be hitting puberty, driving, and be off to college… oh, and I’m sure the ever dreaded dating will end up in there too but I can’t think about the emotional trauma that’ll heap on her father and I right now so we’re gonna pretend that she’ll start dating at 25 for this blog post. (no pic here and I feel bad about it but promise to get the oldest’s likeness on here soon)

Her sister, 6 1/2 years old, just lost her 6th tooth (she’s holding it in the photo, blurry speck in her right hand).  She is planning a sleep over party with her BFF (complete with a movie and popcorn).  She owns a planner so she can “juggle her social calendar” and is in general, growing up faster than her sister 2 years her senior.

Brother, 2 1/2 years old, is talking up a storm and surprising me with new words every day.  He’s running around in circles, falling over his own feet (I’m not even sure he knows how to slow his speed to a walk- he’s running every second).  He’s showing us his natural ability for soccer and throwing a ball too.  He’s a swimmer and can’t get enough of pool time.  My little man….I actually captured him “sleeping”…yeah, right!

Then, there’s our Sweet Pea.  She just turned 1.  We had her one year old portraits taken today.  Wow! She cried the whole time.  Screamed. Crawled out of and fussed about every scenario the photographer had set up.  But she’s 1 and that’s to be expected.

This evening we ended our play time with endless rounds of Itsy Bitsy Spider and hooting laughter.

I’ll never get these moments back.  Today was a glorious day of ‘controlled chaos’ (as I live it everyday).  Tomorrow the Lord will, hopefully, bless us with another treasure.




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